Week 24: Truth

The “truth”, it has been said of old ,will make us free, free from lack and limitation and free from sorrow and  worry. However, the truth comes in many forms, scientific truths, religious truths, legal truths, psychological truths, political truths and philosophical truths,just to name some of the major domains in which truth claims are made. The Truth that is fundamental and the source of all truths is true thought. All outward manifestation is the byproduct of inner thought. The world without is the reflection of the world within. This us the thought with which Haanel concludes the Master Key as he returns to where he began.

It has never been more transparently true then in our present time of exponential technological revolution that whatever we imagine can become our everyday reality in the near future. Every day what was once science fiction is becoming science fact. This means we will soon be living in a world of abundance for all. Nanotechnology, 3-D printing, robotics, artificial intelligence and bio-engineering are all converging toward what Ray Kurzweil has called the Singularity. The Singularity comes when the acceleration of artificial intelligence surpasses human understanding and creates super human intelligence and this intelligence solves humanities greatest problems.

The greatest gift that humans possess is the ability to think Truth.    Has not Truth itself  always already been the Singularity?  This means that our minds have always already been connected to supreme mind. So through technological evolution we are only beginning to realize our own power through our technological creations. We can become enhanced humans and become the product of our products. As enhanced our   consciousness becomes aligned and convergent with supreme consciousness and this consciousness  will someday fill the cosmos illuminating its original source. Is this not the true meaning and destiny of our being?

Peace be the journey

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