Week 23: Service

We learn in this week’s lesson that success depends upon service. We get what we give. Great entrepreneurs have a passion for serving others. By helping others get what they want we get what we want. Life is fast-moving and change is happening at an exponential rate. In order to stay ahead of the curve we need to be creators,not followers. Followers will be disrupted by creators. It is okay however to follow  or track creators or wealth generators. My DMP is to found the Vanguard investment club which tracks wealth generators.  By better understanding the characteristics of current exponential entrepreneurs I expect to be able to identify the up-and-coming ones who will lead the next disruptive organizations and serve the pressing needs of the rising billions.  In his latest book Bold Peter Diamandis gives us the crucial mental strategies that bold innovators and entrepreneurs use to build billion dollar exponential organizations. This list is very much aligned with what Haanel teachers in chapter 23  of the Master Key system and what we are learning in the MKMMA.  Insight into opportunities leads to value creation and success. As Peter puts it, the world’s greatest problems are the entrepreneur’s greatest opportunities.


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