Week 22: Health and Disease

Haanel introduces us to a system of mental therapeutics in chapter 22 of the Master Key System. How does it work? In 20.5 he states, “it is through the law of vibration that the mind exercises control over the body”. Understanding that the mind and body are related through vibrational thought is a profound intuitive leap forward into areas that are still not yet fully understood by current scientific research.  The question raised by this bold leap of intuition is how  quantum physics integrates with cellular biology and neuro-cognitive science. The week force in physics calibrates to the rate of our mental activity as registered by brainwave function. It is the only physical force that is operating on the same scale as brainwave function.  Is it possible that our thought seeds translate into brainwave frequencies or “music” that sets the tone of our moods? These thought seeds result in health or disease. I believe this theory will be validated by scientific research in the not-too-distant future. It is really only a matter of time before the full story of  how mental vibrations create healthy or unhealthy moods is told.

Og in scroll 6  teaches that key to health and well-being  is the control of our moods. This is easier said than done.  Only through the work of the mastermind alliance can we learn to influence our subby so that it marches in tune with our desire for health and wellness.


  1. Love this scroll. It will take a lot of practive, but controlling my emmotions wil only make me stronger and a better observer.

    So great fo follow your journey. Be Blessed!

  2. The exercises of no opinions and the 7 Day Mental Diet prepared us for this. It only stand to reason that our health is impacted by our thought processes as well as our surroundings. I, too, believe this will be validated by science in the not too distant future!

  3. Who wrote that?
    I mean, I can see the point, I don’t know what it has “specially” in connection with quantum physics any more than anything else does, since quantum physics is no more “specially” in connection with that than with anything else. For thousands of years such ideas have been propounded, merely not using those terms, since they were unknown. However, since we are on the subject, I suggest referring to Georg Groddeck, whose clinic for the dying cured more people than not through similar and very well thought out methods. Contemporary of Freud and Jung, he was by no means a fraud, and maybe brighter and more effective than either. Mind over matter is no secret, that’s for sure!

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