Week 21: Thinking Big!

For me, “thinking big” means thinking bold. Bold is the title of a new book by Peter Diamandis. In it, he characterizes a new kind of organization, the exponential organization.  These organizations are the brainchildren of big thinkers. They are aspirational  in that they are taking on the big problems to solve, The solutions they will come up with will affect the lives for the better of billions of people.  The biggest problems Peter argues are our biggest opportunities.

My big idea is my DMP, the founding of the Vanguard Investment Club.  The club will track emerging exponential organizations with a view to picking the best of the best, the ones most likely to become billion dollar companies in a short amount of time.  Identifying the most promising big ideas and the most credible teams who are driving these ideas into becoming reality will enable investors to pick the right companies and help them incubate with additional funds and resources. Picking the exponential organizations that will succeed will yield great financial rewards. It will also give satisfaction to the investors who back the “winners” at an early stage of their development.

The seed money necessary to start the VIG, which involves gathering a group of advisers ( a mastermind team) will come from my success in building my primary network marketing company. I expect that many key investor members of the club will be successful network marketers.


  1. Sounds like you are well on your way to reaching your DMP. Keep up the great work and revel in the bliss.

    May blessing our upon you this and every day.

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