Week 20: The Breath of Life

We know there is a zero energy field that permeates the universe. It is constantly vibrating or breathing the breath of life. This energy field is nothing other than life force.  All great spiritual traditions teach that right breathing or breathing in the breath of life or spiritual energy is the basis for health, wholesome and happiness. Haanel follows these teachings but makes them more scientific   and comprehensible. He teaches that there is a simple principle that results in all external effects. It is that the world within determines the world without.  Positive thought and energy bring positive outcomes, negative thinking and energy brings negative outcomes.

Our work is to concentrate on positive thought and energy. By a full breathing in of the breath of life we breathe in inspiration. We are then able to breathe out our intention and attention.  In this way we accumulate the power to manifest our desire, our DMP or our dream life of purpose and.  Our challenge in the MKMMA is to harness the subconscious so that we make each breath a breath that is full positive energy and full of the breath of life. We do this when we become conspiratorial, we breath together  as one and co-inspire one another. In our mastermind alliance we become aligned with good vibes and a positive flow of energy. Good breathing, breathing the breath of life together in a mastermind alliance is the basis of all positive psychology.


  1. Steve… another great post.

    Our work is to concentrate on positive thought and energy.

    It really is that simple. With practice we do more of it each day.

    Be Blessed.

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