Week 19: Power

Haanel states in 19.18 of the Master Key “… all things represent certain forms and degrees of power.” Reality is power, the power to exist through time. All things want to continue to exist and they must exert power or energy to continue to exist. Energy means to be at work (en-ergon) and is the basis of power. It is the dynamic principal of life force.

How do we harness power and energy, express energy, exude energy and through an abundant release of energy, generate abundance for our self and others? We do it through thought.  Our thought must be powerful, constructive and positive in order for us to realize our personal power. By accumulating and expressing our personal power we overcome fears and obstacles. Through personal power we attain our goals.

How do we become a powerhouse of personal power? We do this through thought. All advancements in human history have been” thought up”. Technology is thought in practice. We are only at the beginning of technological evolution which is bringing an exponential explosion of new benefits to man and things. These technologies will increase longevity and enhance the well-being of everyone and everything.

I’ve been thinking a lot about thought lately in terms of the emergence of human consciousness. Human consciousness is both familiar and a mystery. How consciousness works in terms of the brain’s relationship to the mind is complicated.

Haanel looks at it this way. He argues that the power of light to travel is the same power that thought has to become conscious.

Powerful thought produces the technologies that in turn produce abundant living .The geniuses of the past and of those of tomorrow are the powerhouse of thought, energy and innovation. My DMP is to track the new genius/ entrepreneurs as they bring the new aspirational companies of the future into the world. These companies will solve the current global problems since the greatest problems present the greatest opportunities for bold entrepreneurs.


  1. Love this post Steve. I too have been thinking a lot about the power of thought. Thought is the cause of everything.


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