Week 18: Purpose

A plan of action in order to manifest my definite major purpose has only now just emerged. Peter Diamandis, along with the launch of his new book Bold has launched Abundance 360 membership.  My plan is to engage in a stage fashion with the material that Peter will be making available to the members of the 360 Abundance.  I will be getting sneak previews of the moon shot proposals for new exponential startup companies. Building relationships with the leaders of startup exponential companies of the future will put me in an excellent position to detect the emerging players in this arena. . All the companies we will be watching are aspirational. Their purpose is to massively transform the world and move us toward a world of abundance for all.

I can envision selecting one startup company of the month to be featured in a newsletter. I will develop a ratting protocol to rank companies on a watch list.

This entire sector of exponential organizations is virtually invisible to the average investor. The Vanguard Investment Club will become the source for tracking this sector with a view to determining future valuation.  As we get better at assessing these startups investors will follow our suggestions to fund the most worthy.  Once we have validated our picks or predictions of success with a number of featured companies our club will be ready to become a fill fledged investment club/fund.


  1. Hi Steve.

    So glad you have defined your purpose. I am sure it will be your reality.

    May you have peace, joy, great health and abundance.

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