Week 17: Concentration

Concentration is not what we usually think we mean by the term, such as paying attention.  Haanel in 17.1 of the Master Key teaches that concentration is far more than that; it is rather the transmutation of thoughts into practical values. For deep concentration to work it must be fueled by desire and supplemented by intuition. Through the production of highly refined mental vibrations concentration manifests the materials necessary to create the circumstances we desire to fulfill our purpose.

How does it do this? By going directly to the things themselves which Haanel says  is the spirit of the thing. In this way we take hold of the basics of a thing.  The basics of a thing is how the thing works.

Let me give an example. When I was writing a proposal for a study in London program I had taken hold of the basic principles of study in London.  I took the best elements of existing programs and constructed a program that would give students the best possible experience for the most economical price. Having visioned and written my proposal it was accepted and a few years later became manifest. It ran as I had envisioned.

I am now reinvigorating my concentration in order to realize my desire with the support of the MKMMA.  My DMP has a massively transformative purpose to create the Vanguard Investment Club which is an exponential organization incubator.


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