Press Release

Press Release

Interview: Forbes interviews Steven Gans, CEO of  the Vanguard Investment Club

Forbes: How does it feel Steven to be the head of the hottest and fastest growing investment club out there?

Steven: I feel very humbled.

Forbes: How did you build the club to its present level managing over a billion dollars in assets starting from zero in so short a time.?

Steven: I was blessed with a great team of advisers who worked with me as a mastermind alliance “think tank”.  All the members in this inner circle understood  the power of disruptive technology and exponential growth as well as the principles of lean startup.

Forbes: How did you know what companies to pick for the investment club portfolio?  Y 80% of the companies you funded in the startup phase have become mega winners.

Steve:  I have always love tracking new technologies  and  I am good at seeing their potential applications. Once we focused on a specific area of disruptive technology, for example, life extension, we did a thorough investigation of the company’s’ business plan and top team. The companies that we chose for our portfolio  had   potential  for exponential growth and for solving some of the world’s biggest problems.  The leaders hip team had to be bold.

Forbes: How did you find subscriber/investors and get them to join the club?

Steven: We targeted leaders in the MLM industry leaders  who needed a contingency plan. They gave us the funding we needed to back the companies in our portfolio.

Forbes:  What has been the greatest joy from your success?

Steven: Service to others and the abundance that has evolved as a result of the contributions of the emerging companies that we supported during their incubation in addition to meeting some of the best business and technical minds of our time.

Forbes: what are some of the personal pay offs that come with your success?

Steven: I now have the autonomy and freedom that I’ve always sought and live a full life with my family and friends.

Forbes: Thank you for your time Steven


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