Week16: The Power to Create

In the Master Key 16.8 Haanel states that the power to create is spiritual and that it consists of three stages, idealization, visualization and materialization. It is unfortunate that capitalism receives such a bad press from both intellectuals and many spiritual leaders since capital wealth is nothing other than spiritual and is a byproduct of our power to create. Wealth is created in order to be exchanged for the things that constitute the good life.  The good life is a life of service but it is also a life of comfort and happiness. In order to live the good life it’s necessary to have a certain degree of wealth. Perhaps the misunderstanding of wealth is due to its misuse by some. The mere accumulation of possessions or even power, perused by some, is in reality spent creative power. It is a sign of impotency and is not true wealth but impoverishment.

In 16.14 of the Master Key Haanel restates that the world without is the manifestation of the world within.  So how do we make sure we use creative power to manifest the external reality we desire? To simply allow our mind to accept whatever enters it will result in drifting.  Drifting is moving from one bright shiny object to the next and not focusing. Focus is crucial for creative power to do its work. We must envision every last detail in our DMP if our project is to come to fruition. To achieve crystal clear visualization we must filter out negative thoughts from our mind and transform old patterns and  old blueprints with  productive habits.  To achieve this we must practice using our creative power and think for ourselves.  Only then can we control our destiny and realized our definite major purpose.

I feel that I am becoming more and more clear of the details of my definite major purpose.  Our exercise this week in Haanel is to practice using creative mental power. This means cultivating the states of consciousness that will generate our desired  external conditions. My desire is to achieve abundance, for my team, my mastermind alliance and of course myself and family. Peace be the journey.

Week 15: Conscious Cooperation

In the preface to chapter 15 of the Master Key Haanel states, “happiness is best attained through conscious corporation.” Aristotle in his Ethics wrote, the reason all men do what they do is to acquire the good and all agree that the good is happiness.  It turns out that the key to attaining happiness is conscious cooperation.  Cooperation with what, you might ask? Haanel is clear, with the law of growth.  Only as we give are we able to receive. In this way are in harmony with cooperative growth. As we contribute to the growth of others we grow accordingly ourselves.
Love energizes our efforts towards collective corporation. Critical to maintaining conscious cooperation is the felicitous use of words. Words paint mental pictures that result in actions. In order to create desirable outcomes, such as abundance, we must always use words that express abundant thinking.  We are all in it together and no one can do it alone.  For this reason it is crucial to develop bonds of cooperative corporation such as we are developing in our mastermind alliance.

Chapter 15 moves towards its conclusion in 15.29 .Haanel states, “the subconscious cannot reason, it takes us at our word; we have asked for something, we now receive it, we have made our bed, we are now to lie in it.”  This is why Ruiz teaches in his first agreement that we need to be impeccable with our words.

In order to achieve conscious cooperation in the long term we must develop insight. Insight enables us to apply the principles of the law of growth and manifest  conditions necessary for our happiness. Hence through insight we come to realize our DMP and live a life of purpose and happiness. We are on the way….

Week 14: Harmony

The ancients often spoke of the music of the spheres. They were  attuned to cosmic harmony. They believed that all things are in perfect harmony just as Haanel teaches.  So how is it that we often feel that our life is not harmonious or going smoothly?  This is  the result of our negative attitudes. As Haanel teachers MK14.30, “your world without will be a reflection of your world within”. So to the degree that we are out of sync with a fully harmonious life style to that extent we are unbalanced or preoccupied with negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are a product of early induction through transgenerational inheritance. This negative blueprint keeps us from leading a balanced and harmonious life filled with love and in harmony with universal love and truth. In other words our negative thought patterns prevent us from living  the life of purpose we were meant to live, from living our bliss and being in true harmony with Universal Harmony.

So how do we filter out these negative thought patterns that are the cause of our on imbalance and which keep us in bondage to  negative events and circumstances? How do we rebalance our mind and thoughts to restore harmony with the Universal Harmony, so that our life plays like a Mozart concerto in perfect harmony and balance? Haanel recommends the following, “concentrate so deeply, so earnestly on harmony that you will be conscious of nothing but harmony. MK14.31

I am finding myself more and more attuned to universal harmonics in my relationships with others.  Every once in a while I catch a few notes  that sound as if they coming from the harmony of the spheres.  I concentrate more on harmony and feel more harmonious in myself. I believe that my life is resonating more and more with the harmony of Universal Harmony as we go through each week of our MKMMA.

Week 13: Spiritual Science

What is spiritual science?  We know what physical science is. It is based on induction. Haanel emphasizes that the exception proves the rule.  For example, volcanoes erupt infrequently but we learn from these eruptions the nature what’s going on within the earth’s interior. From the fossil of a saber tooth we learn about an aspect of pre-human life. Scientists by connecting the dots have produced the sciences of astronomy, geology, and biology to name a few. Great scientists have produced the theory of evolution, the big bang theory of creation, atomic physics and quantum mechanics.
We are now in the age of exponential technological evolution and exponential economic growth.  This age aspires to life extension and greater abundance for all.  But how do we connect physical science with spiritual science? What is a spiritual fact and theory that we can accept as truth?  Haanel says, MK13.15, “It will be found that the creative power of thought will explain every possible condition of experience, physical, mental or spiritual.” In other words, the great scientific achievements were accomplished by exceptional men and women who used the power of mind or spirit to bring forth the great scientific theories and technological advances of their time. On their advances we have built the marvels’ of our contemporary civilization. Thought is the cause and thought is spiritual in its essence. Material advancement is the effect.

So how do we bring about our own material wealth and well-being?
What we all want Haanel says, is happiness and harmony. (MK13.18)  In order to achieve happiness and harmony and a fulfilling life with purpose we must put our knowledge into practice MK13.22. We get what we give; directed thought works according to the law of attraction. The basis of spiritual science  is the application of the law of  attraction .This is what we are all learning to master in our MKMMA. Quantum Mind is connected to our own individual quantum minds.  When we vibrate in harmony with Quantum Mind, we produce happiness and begin to realize the mental Ideal we have versioned in our D MPs  I’m experiencing more and  more focused clarity around my DMP. I trust you all are experiencing the same. I wish you all love for the season and for the New Year.  Peace be the journey.

Week 12: Thinking is Thanking

Thinking is giving loving thanks for our abundance. Thinking is thing-ing or gathering.  When thinking about thinking we realized that we don’t really know what thinking is.  In 12.1 Haanel says,” Thinking is a power”. When applied, it can accomplish any purpose. And in 12,4 he continues , “you must first have the knowledge of your power; second the courage to dare ,and the faith to do.”

Some illusions of thinking or of ‘pseudo- thinking are found in the practices of spiritualist in their séances, telepathy, hypnotism and a host of other mental practices. These practices produce negative states of mind as they are not in harmony with Universal Mind.  These types of sham thinking do not focus on a definite major purpose or ideal and as a result have no real power and are in fact a danger to the practitioners.

Haanel reveals that love gives thinking its dynamic power. It’s the feeling of love that imparts vitality to thought. Loving thinking is  thanks-giving.  We give thanks for our power to do good for others, ourselves and the planet  My definite major purpose is  coming into focus and becoming more vibrant as my heart opens and I do more of the MKMMA practices.

Week 11: Creative Intelligence

I am fascinated by Haanel’s awesome statement  in 11.31 “Thought reaches its loftiest activity when plunged into its own mysterious  depth; when it breaks through the narrow compass of self and passes from truth to truth to the region of eternal life we’re all which is, was and ever will be melt into one grand harmony”.  All great scientific discoveries, works of art and businesses are results of the creative intelligence of great men and women who have made the journey and glimpsed the grand harmony. These people all  have in common  the ability to envision the ideal and timeless from out of the confusions of everyday life. They are able to hold their idea or ideal in mind until they bring it back to the world in the form of a completed and perfected work. For example,Mozart and Beethoven  both report that they have had entire symphonies in their mind before ever writing down  a note. Creative intelligence allows us to complete the circuit between our own individual mind and Mind itself.
It is not hard to understand how this circuit happens. It is more difficult to make it happen.  The mind is a pattern recognizer and Universal Mind is a pattern creator. When we recognize underlying patterns and laws in the world then we know what something is and how it works. We know that fire burns, electricity powers, animals breath and humans think.

Our DMP is activating our creative intelligence and enabling us to glimpse our future life pattern and purpose.  Through our Master Mind Alliance we are completing the circuit between our individuality and the Ultimate and becoming greater contributors to the common good.

Week 10: The Law of Growth

Master Key, 10.11… you may “decree a thing and it shall be unto thee”.  How is this possible?  How does this happen?  It happens through the law of growth. The Law of Growth is the key to the Master Key System.  How does this key unlock the power to manifest?  There is always a cause for every effect.  The coming to be of things is the effect and the cause is power. Power comes in different modalities: physical, mental or spiritual power and transmutes energy into manifestation. This is like electricity turning on the lights.

This is how our DMP’s works.  A powerful DMP manifests as the new condition of a person’s life world. It transitions from the invisible to the visible by means of orchestrated mental vibrations in harmony with Universal Mind. Our DMP imprinted in the sub-conscious generates our new purposeful reality. Because each of us is an instance of the Infinite, we all have limitless potential to manifest a life of purpose. Through the MKMMA we are realizing out potency and building our power to bring about growth and transformation in ourselves and others.  I sense the vibrations of our MKMMA humming.  It’s all happening.  As Mark J says “peace be the journey”.

Week Nine: Truth

For most people truth is relative. For most philosophers truth is a correct correspondence between a word and a thing.  On occasion people are mistaken about something as when they accept a counterfeit dollar.The true dollar is printed by the government.  Truth in this example is decided by context. Heidegger thinks truth as a question. In Greek truth is aletheia or un- hiddenness, it at the same time reveals and conceals. For Nietzsche, truth is perspectival. He believes people can’t take too much of it. For Latour, truths are modes of existence, there are scientific truths, legal truths, political truths, religious truths, psychological truths and even media truths or sound bites. Each is different from the other and there is no truth as such.

For Haanel in section 9 of the Master Key, Truth is Truth Itself. Truth is not contingent or dependent on anything else.  It is the other way around; manifestation is dependent on the power of Truth.  We connect to and align with Truth as “I” or spirit. Truth is vital and vibrates.  We resonate with cosmic vibration in the world within or as Mind.  To the extent that we are aligned with cosmic vibration we are able to manifest what we desire; health, wealth, and love.  When we fall out of attunement with Truth we fall into the sea of sameness. When a person falls it is a disgrace. He or she drinks from the well of untruth and joins the paint by numbers brigade. Turning away from Truth is perverse; it poisons spirit and saps vitality.

Truth underpins all authentic transactions between people whether social or business. Haanel uses a lovely metaphor to show how Truth works. When we plant a seed well it flowers. As good gardenes we need to plant the seed in fertile soil, water it and expose it to sunlight. We must weed every day to allow the seed to take root and grow. As Haanel says in 9.25, “what we reap we sow”.

So let’s germinate our DMP’s and let them take root in our mastermind alliance. Let’s weed out the old blueprints and practice, practice, practice new successful habits. Let’s follow the mental diet and do our services and by doing this we flower and we succeed.  We are always already implanted in Truth.  All we need to do is allow the good earth to sustain us, the sun to nourish us and to drink of Truth daily and soon we grow and become magnificent, flowering beings.

Week Eight: Imagination

We learn in part eight of the master key that imagination is the key to the future and our future well-being.  There  are only two kinds of people in the world, those in sync with Universal Harmony and those who are not. Most are not. How do we get in sync? We need to learn how to use our imagination.

As Haanel says in 8.6, “the cultivation of imagination leads to the development of the ideal out of which your future will emerge.”

Everything created by man starts in imagination. The first whatever, tool wheel, weapon table and chairs started out as imagination.  The first words were uttered in imagination and then articulated. Nothing can happen unless it first begins as a rehearsal in imagination. It then moves into action and becomes realized.

8.11 “ Imagination is the  constructive form of thought which must precede every constructive form of action.”

This is not magical thinking.  To realize our imagination manifests our reality is the prime law. Hence, dwelling on negativity brings negativity into our life whereas positive imagination lights up our life and produces our  dream future.

I’ve appreciated the mental diet as it shows how we can block the negativity in our life by substituting positively imagined images. For example when I have a negative thought I think of my new grandchild. I’m pleased to say I have finished my seven days of mental diet and I won’t be taking in negativity anytime soon.

By reversing imagination, using it to reverse or rewind time we  can discover the antecedent conditions of all things and see how all things were transformed from their original state of being imagined into the blueprint that was the basis for final realization.

If you go see the Theory of Everything you see how Stephen Hawking does this to understand the birth of time and the cosmos.

We can also fast forward and see our own future as the past. I see I have  created a new harmonious life. I am living the life of my dreams, a life that fulfills my purpose in my future. I am collecting more details every day to build into my imagination of my future life. As 8.25 says, “The ideal steadily held is what predetermines and attracts the necessary conditions for its fulfillment. “

Week Seven: Visualization

I have used visualization successfully in the past, so I know it works. For example, I dreamt up the Study in London Program for the University of Maryland, many years ago, refining every detail in my mind then writing it down in a proposal, getting it approved, launching the program and manifesting and running the program exactly as I had envisioned it working.  Excellent specific faculty for all the course offerings turned up on cue when I spread the word that I was looking through my network of contacts

I have not employed visualization in my network marketing project until now since I had really no clue about what I was doing. As a new member of Go90grow I can begin to see the whole, which as Mark J says, is greater than the parts. I am getting a clearer mental picture of the ABC three-step Heroes’ Journey and the 5C recruiting and team building process, that is, consider, confirm, commit, commence and collaborate. Now it’s going to come down to practice, practice, practice, with a little help from what we are learning and doing in MKMMA, the love  scroll in Og and as stated in 7.18 of the Master Key, Earnest Desire, Confident Expectation and Firm Demand.  Also, I am in day 2 of the Mental Diet challenge which will be a big help once established as a habit. This “Hero” is all in for the journey.