Monthly Archives: February 2015

Week 21: Thinking Big!

For me, “thinking big” means thinking bold. Bold is the title of a new book by Peter Diamandis. In it, he characterizes a new kind of organization, the exponential organization.  These organizations are the brainchildren of big thinkers. They are aspirational  in that they are taking on the big problems to solve, The solutions they will come up with will affect the lives for the better of billions of people.  The biggest problems Peter argues are our biggest opportunities.

My big idea is my DMP, the founding of the Vanguard Investment Club.  The club will track emerging exponential organizations with a view to picking the best of the best, the ones most likely to become billion dollar companies in a short amount of time.  Identifying the most promising big ideas and the most credible teams who are driving these ideas into becoming reality will enable investors to pick the right companies and help them incubate with additional funds and resources. Picking the exponential organizations that will succeed will yield great financial rewards. It will also give satisfaction to the investors who back the “winners” at an early stage of their development.

The seed money necessary to start the VIG, which involves gathering a group of advisers ( a mastermind team) will come from my success in building my primary network marketing company. I expect that many key investor members of the club will be successful network marketers.

Week 20: The Breath of Life

We know there is a zero energy field that permeates the universe. It is constantly vibrating or breathing the breath of life. This energy field is nothing other than life force.  All great spiritual traditions teach that right breathing or breathing in the breath of life or spiritual energy is the basis for health, wholesome and happiness. Haanel follows these teachings but makes them more scientific   and comprehensible. He teaches that there is a simple principle that results in all external effects. It is that the world within determines the world without.  Positive thought and energy bring positive outcomes, negative thinking and energy brings negative outcomes.

Our work is to concentrate on positive thought and energy. By a full breathing in of the breath of life we breathe in inspiration. We are then able to breathe out our intention and attention.  In this way we accumulate the power to manifest our desire, our DMP or our dream life of purpose and.  Our challenge in the MKMMA is to harness the subconscious so that we make each breath a breath that is full positive energy and full of the breath of life. We do this when we become conspiratorial, we breath together  as one and co-inspire one another. In our mastermind alliance we become aligned with good vibes and a positive flow of energy. Good breathing, breathing the breath of life together in a mastermind alliance is the basis of all positive psychology.

Week 19: Power

Haanel states in 19.18 of the Master Key “… all things represent certain forms and degrees of power.” Reality is power, the power to exist through time. All things want to continue to exist and they must exert power or energy to continue to exist. Energy means to be at work (en-ergon) and is the basis of power. It is the dynamic principal of life force.

How do we harness power and energy, express energy, exude energy and through an abundant release of energy, generate abundance for our self and others? We do it through thought.  Our thought must be powerful, constructive and positive in order for us to realize our personal power. By accumulating and expressing our personal power we overcome fears and obstacles. Through personal power we attain our goals.

How do we become a powerhouse of personal power? We do this through thought. All advancements in human history have been” thought up”. Technology is thought in practice. We are only at the beginning of technological evolution which is bringing an exponential explosion of new benefits to man and things. These technologies will increase longevity and enhance the well-being of everyone and everything.

I’ve been thinking a lot about thought lately in terms of the emergence of human consciousness. Human consciousness is both familiar and a mystery. How consciousness works in terms of the brain’s relationship to the mind is complicated.

Haanel looks at it this way. He argues that the power of light to travel is the same power that thought has to become conscious.

Powerful thought produces the technologies that in turn produce abundant living .The geniuses of the past and of those of tomorrow are the powerhouse of thought, energy and innovation. My DMP is to track the new genius/ entrepreneurs as they bring the new aspirational companies of the future into the world. These companies will solve the current global problems since the greatest problems present the greatest opportunities for bold entrepreneurs.

Week 18: Growth

Haanel in 18.5  says, “the whole world is on the eve of a new consciousness, a new power and a new realization within  the self .”This is even truer today than when it was first written. Today, we know that mind and energy are intertwined at the quantum level and that there is a deep interplay between thought and things.  All thing are subject to the law of growth.  Through growth we become who we are meant to be. Growth is reciprocal. We receive as we give.  Affluence within brings about affluence without.

How does growth work?  By putting  our heart and soul into our work we give out the vibrations that attract the necessary and sufficient conditions to realize our major transformative purpose. Our mental power increases through interest and attention, each reinforces and expands the other in an ever increasing spiral.

My intention and attention is more and more focused on growing my primary business This involves growing and becoming a network marketing professional through the go90grow course. I am also focused on my DMP which involves the setting up of the Vanguard Investment Club.  As I bring more and more intention and attention to exponential organizations I  am finding that I am attracting more people who are becoming key players in the VIC think tank or  mastermind alliance.  I am tracking  the critical moments of success  of  companies on the way to becoming  exponential organizations. In time I will have a clear roadmap for success for growing a company exponentially and this will enable our club to pick the winners of the future and to help them grow with the benefit of club seed capital.