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Week 18: Purpose

A plan of action in order to manifest my definite major purpose has only now just emerged. Peter Diamandis, along with the launch of his new book Bold has launched Abundance 360 membership.  My plan is to engage in a stage fashion with the material that Peter will be making available to the members of the 360 Abundance.  I will be getting sneak previews of the moon shot proposals for new exponential startup companies. Building relationships with the leaders of startup exponential companies of the future will put me in an excellent position to detect the emerging players in this arena. . All the companies we will be watching are aspirational. Their purpose is to massively transform the world and move us toward a world of abundance for all.

I can envision selecting one startup company of the month to be featured in a newsletter. I will develop a ratting protocol to rank companies on a watch list.

This entire sector of exponential organizations is virtually invisible to the average investor. The Vanguard Investment Club will become the source for tracking this sector with a view to determining future valuation.  As we get better at assessing these startups investors will follow our suggestions to fund the most worthy.  Once we have validated our picks or predictions of success with a number of featured companies our club will be ready to become a fill fledged investment club/fund.

Week 17: Concentration

Concentration is not what we usually think we mean by the term, such as paying attention.  Haanel in 17.1 of the Master Key teaches that concentration is far more than that; it is rather the transmutation of thoughts into practical values. For deep concentration to work it must be fueled by desire and supplemented by intuition. Through the production of highly refined mental vibrations concentration manifests the materials necessary to create the circumstances we desire to fulfill our purpose.

How does it do this? By going directly to the things themselves which Haanel says  is the spirit of the thing. In this way we take hold of the basics of a thing.  The basics of a thing is how the thing works.

Let me give an example. When I was writing a proposal for a study in London program I had taken hold of the basic principles of study in London.  I took the best elements of existing programs and constructed a program that would give students the best possible experience for the most economical price. Having visioned and written my proposal it was accepted and a few years later became manifest. It ran as I had envisioned.

I am now reinvigorating my concentration in order to realize my desire with the support of the MKMMA.  My DMP has a massively transformative purpose to create the Vanguard Investment Club which is an exponential organization incubator.

Week16: The Power to Create

In the Master Key 16.8 Haanel states that the power to create is spiritual and that it consists of three stages, idealization, visualization and materialization. It is unfortunate that capitalism receives such a bad press from both intellectuals and many spiritual leaders since capital wealth is nothing other than spiritual and is a byproduct of our power to create. Wealth is created in order to be exchanged for the things that constitute the good life.  The good life is a life of service but it is also a life of comfort and happiness. In order to live the good life it’s necessary to have a certain degree of wealth. Perhaps the misunderstanding of wealth is due to its misuse by some. The mere accumulation of possessions or even power, perused by some, is in reality spent creative power. It is a sign of impotency and is not true wealth but impoverishment.

In 16.14 of the Master Key Haanel restates that the world without is the manifestation of the world within.  So how do we make sure we use creative power to manifest the external reality we desire? To simply allow our mind to accept whatever enters it will result in drifting.  Drifting is moving from one bright shiny object to the next and not focusing. Focus is crucial for creative power to do its work. We must envision every last detail in our DMP if our project is to come to fruition. To achieve crystal clear visualization we must filter out negative thoughts from our mind and transform old patterns and  old blueprints with  productive habits.  To achieve this we must practice using our creative power and think for ourselves.  Only then can we control our destiny and realized our definite major purpose.

I feel that I am becoming more and more clear of the details of my definite major purpose.  Our exercise this week in Haanel is to practice using creative mental power. This means cultivating the states of consciousness that will generate our desired  external conditions. My desire is to achieve abundance, for my team, my mastermind alliance and of course myself and family. Peace be the journey.

Week 15: Conscious Cooperation

In the preface to chapter 15 of the Master Key Haanel states, “happiness is best attained through conscious corporation.” Aristotle in his Ethics wrote, the reason all men do what they do is to acquire the good and all agree that the good is happiness.  It turns out that the key to attaining happiness is conscious cooperation.  Cooperation with what, you might ask? Haanel is clear, with the law of growth.  Only as we give are we able to receive. In this way are in harmony with cooperative growth. As we contribute to the growth of others we grow accordingly ourselves.
Love energizes our efforts towards collective corporation. Critical to maintaining conscious cooperation is the felicitous use of words. Words paint mental pictures that result in actions. In order to create desirable outcomes, such as abundance, we must always use words that express abundant thinking.  We are all in it together and no one can do it alone.  For this reason it is crucial to develop bonds of cooperative corporation such as we are developing in our mastermind alliance.

Chapter 15 moves towards its conclusion in 15.29 .Haanel states, “the subconscious cannot reason, it takes us at our word; we have asked for something, we now receive it, we have made our bed, we are now to lie in it.”  This is why Ruiz teaches in his first agreement that we need to be impeccable with our words.

In order to achieve conscious cooperation in the long term we must develop insight. Insight enables us to apply the principles of the law of growth and manifest  conditions necessary for our happiness. Hence through insight we come to realize our DMP and live a life of purpose and happiness. We are on the way….