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Week Nine: Truth

For most people truth is relative. For most philosophers truth is a correct correspondence between a word and a thing.  On occasion people are mistaken about something as when they accept a counterfeit dollar.The true dollar is printed by the government.  Truth in this example is decided by context. Heidegger thinks truth as a question. In Greek truth is aletheia or un- hiddenness, it at the same time reveals and conceals. For Nietzsche, truth is perspectival. He believes people can’t take too much of it. For Latour, truths are modes of existence, there are scientific truths, legal truths, political truths, religious truths, psychological truths and even media truths or sound bites. Each is different from the other and there is no truth as such.

For Haanel in section 9 of the Master Key, Truth is Truth Itself. Truth is not contingent or dependent on anything else.  It is the other way around; manifestation is dependent on the power of Truth.  We connect to and align with Truth as “I” or spirit. Truth is vital and vibrates.  We resonate with cosmic vibration in the world within or as Mind.  To the extent that we are aligned with cosmic vibration we are able to manifest what we desire; health, wealth, and love.  When we fall out of attunement with Truth we fall into the sea of sameness. When a person falls it is a disgrace. He or she drinks from the well of untruth and joins the paint by numbers brigade. Turning away from Truth is perverse; it poisons spirit and saps vitality.

Truth underpins all authentic transactions between people whether social or business. Haanel uses a lovely metaphor to show how Truth works. When we plant a seed well it flowers. As good gardenes we need to plant the seed in fertile soil, water it and expose it to sunlight. We must weed every day to allow the seed to take root and grow. As Haanel says in 9.25, “what we reap we sow”.

So let’s germinate our DMP’s and let them take root in our mastermind alliance. Let’s weed out the old blueprints and practice, practice, practice new successful habits. Let’s follow the mental diet and do our services and by doing this we flower and we succeed.  We are always already implanted in Truth.  All we need to do is allow the good earth to sustain us, the sun to nourish us and to drink of Truth daily and soon we grow and become magnificent, flowering beings.

Week Eight: Imagination

We learn in part eight of the master key that imagination is the key to the future and our future well-being.  There  are only two kinds of people in the world, those in sync with Universal Harmony and those who are not. Most are not. How do we get in sync? We need to learn how to use our imagination.

As Haanel says in 8.6, “the cultivation of imagination leads to the development of the ideal out of which your future will emerge.”

Everything created by man starts in imagination. The first whatever, tool wheel, weapon table and chairs started out as imagination.  The first words were uttered in imagination and then articulated. Nothing can happen unless it first begins as a rehearsal in imagination. It then moves into action and becomes realized.

8.11 “ Imagination is the  constructive form of thought which must precede every constructive form of action.”

This is not magical thinking.  To realize our imagination manifests our reality is the prime law. Hence, dwelling on negativity brings negativity into our life whereas positive imagination lights up our life and produces our  dream future.

I’ve appreciated the mental diet as it shows how we can block the negativity in our life by substituting positively imagined images. For example when I have a negative thought I think of my new grandchild. I’m pleased to say I have finished my seven days of mental diet and I won’t be taking in negativity anytime soon.

By reversing imagination, using it to reverse or rewind time we  can discover the antecedent conditions of all things and see how all things were transformed from their original state of being imagined into the blueprint that was the basis for final realization.

If you go see the Theory of Everything you see how Stephen Hawking does this to understand the birth of time and the cosmos.

We can also fast forward and see our own future as the past. I see I have  created a new harmonious life. I am living the life of my dreams, a life that fulfills my purpose in my future. I am collecting more details every day to build into my imagination of my future life. As 8.25 says, “The ideal steadily held is what predetermines and attracts the necessary conditions for its fulfillment. “

Week Seven: Visualization

I have used visualization successfully in the past, so I know it works. For example, I dreamt up the Study in London Program for the University of Maryland, many years ago, refining every detail in my mind then writing it down in a proposal, getting it approved, launching the program and manifesting and running the program exactly as I had envisioned it working.  Excellent specific faculty for all the course offerings turned up on cue when I spread the word that I was looking through my network of contacts

I have not employed visualization in my network marketing project until now since I had really no clue about what I was doing. As a new member of Go90grow I can begin to see the whole, which as Mark J says, is greater than the parts. I am getting a clearer mental picture of the ABC three-step Heroes’ Journey and the 5C recruiting and team building process, that is, consider, confirm, commit, commence and collaborate. Now it’s going to come down to practice, practice, practice, with a little help from what we are learning and doing in MKMMA, the love  scroll in Og and as stated in 7.18 of the Master Key, Earnest Desire, Confident Expectation and Firm Demand.  Also, I am in day 2 of the Mental Diet challenge which will be a big help once established as a habit. This “Hero” is all in for the journey.

Week Six: Universal Mind

Once we tune to universal mind we realize that it is us and we are it. One way to appreciate the truth of this is to realize that the primal stuff of the universe is composed of quantum subatomic particles. These quanta are intelligent. They vibrate in such a way as to generate our cosmos.  These same quantum intelligent vibrations are at the core or marrow of our neuro- networks and are orchestrating our subconscious and conscious minds. The vibrations of mental activity are manifest as brain waves. When brain waves are translated into sound they produce the symphony that is us, that sings the song of our lived life. Once we get our song into harmony with our purpose then our thoughts begin to manifest  the life to which we are entitled to live.

How to achieve this harmonious relationship between our mind and universal mind is spelled out in the Master Key System. At the heart of the system for mental alignment is the development of attention. As Haanel says in 6.19, “attention or concentration is probably the most important essential in the development of mind culture”.

The metaphor of the magnifying glass illustrates the power of attention. The magnifying glass has no other power than to magnify when moved from object to object. However align the magnifying glass with the power of the sun and focus it on kindling wood or paper and you light a fire. How in the world did that happen? It was the power of focused attention. So here is the deal. Practice developing the power of attention and the key to the vault is yours. This is the skill we are  developing through our mastermind alliance. As Mark J says, “peace be the journey”.