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Week Five: Compensation

In reading Haanel on the “infinite” source, chapter 5.23, I find myself linking his injunction to harness the source and build your foundation upon it, with Emerson’s essay on compensation.

Emerson says,

There is a deeper force in the soul than compensation.

He goes on to say,

The soul is not a compensation but a life. The soul_is_.

In virtuous action I properly _am_.

The soul refuses limits and always affirms optimism never pessimism.
This reconnects for me to Haanel chapter 5.13 and where I am at in our MKMMA transformation course.  He says, “when the mental house cleaning process has been completed ….”,I will be ready. I take this to mean, ready to vision my true Definite Major Purpose (DMP).  I by no means feel I have cleaned house and moved to a mind state of optimism.  Until I do I realize I will not gain my estate. As sentence 16 says, three processes are necessary for this:

1.You must earnestly desire it.

In writing my Press Release I did not feel true earnestness of desire.

  1. You must assert your claim.

I don’t feel I have asserted my claim.

  1. You must take possession.

I have not.

As a footnote, I was brought back to  what is considered to be the oldest fragment of Western thinking, written by Anaximander. He says.

“Whence things have their origin, there they must also pass away, according to necessity; for they must pay penalty and be judged for their injustice, according to the ordinance of time.”

Anaximander seems to be saying, in contrast to Emerson and Haanel that the law of compensation governs all without exception,including soul and mind.

Not sure what anyone thinks about this. Is it pessimistic?

I like it because it does not put the human at the center.

Week 4: Words and Things

The preface to Part four of the master key states, “thought is energy and energy is power and it is because all religions. sciences and philosophies, with which the world has heretofore been familiar, have been based upon the manifestation of this energy instead of the energy itself, that the world has been limited to effects, while causes  have been ignored or misunderstood.
Everything said in this paragraph is said with words. Words refer, they are in the mode of existence called reference.  The question is, do these words refer to the mode of existence called things? Things reproduce themselves in time in order to remain as long as possible in existence. Things are networks of relations that interact. No thing can be reducible to any other thing. Each and every thing is singular. Things connect and disconnect, manifesting the variety of things we refer to with words.

My question to Haanel  is, are there such things to which the words thought, energy and power refer or are  these words reductive like nature, subject, object and matter? What is energy itself? Is it the activity of things coupling, moving in and out of networks of alignment and disalignment, of manifestation and dispersal?

It was Heraclitus who first claimed that everything was in flux, like fire, yet things, he said, come in and out of existence in accordance with the logos. Perhaps the logos is the same as the “I” in Haanel? He states in paragraph one and two of Part four of the Master Key, “I” must be something that contains and directs the body and mind.. I’m not sure that the words “body” and “mind” refer to real things but we can say  what is commonly called mind and  body. Now the important part of the chapter and of the course so far is the question of how our references or words and ideas interact with and change real things.  Paragraph 14, Part 4 says, “…when you control yourself you will have found the world within which controls the world without.  This suggests that there is a direct relation between words and things and indeed words are also things.  So how do words alter things? We saw from the clip from the movie, “what the bleep?”  that quantum interactions are at the heart of neuro-networks which control behavior and behavior transforms the external world. Words create habits which change futures. Po Words with power must be emotional, they must be words that move us to change

My old pattern is resistant to change and is holding me back, for example, from declaiming Og at night with  emotion. Since I’m in 100% I will overcome this resistance.

Week three: Let My Light Shine

The keyword for me this week was solar in part three of the Master Key.  The evocation of the light metaphor reminds me of the motto at camp Rising Sun an international scholarship camp I attended in my teens, “it is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness”.  The criterion for selection to the camp was potential for leadership. The propose of the camp was to foster better world understanding by inculcating the spirit of giving in future leaders.  I allowed my light to shine then and was selected .I had no fear at 14 and 15 as I had become intoxicated with Nietzsche and had already embarked on the Philosophers Journey (a version of the heroes journey). I’ve been on this journey ever since those early years.

And yet I have not allowed my light to shine as brightly as perhaps it did in those early years. My light has been hiding or encumbered by too much learning.  I have been pursuing wisdom at the expense of love. I have favored conscious mind, the cerebra-spinal network at the expense of magnetizing my soul plexus or developing my sympathetic nervous system. I believe the master key alliance is the anecdote for this imbalance and is enabling me to let my light shine, to allow it to move from being an internal black hole that withholds light to becoming the full expression of my light which shines out to the world. This light is the expression of my purpose which is to contribute with others to the betterment of the planet

Week 2: Trouble with Part 2.26

Trouble with Part 2.26


I’m having trouble comprehending the “Law of Attraction” as stated in part two, paragraph 26 of the Master Key. The troubling statement reads; ….this ( the creative power of universal mind) as everything else is governed by natural law and this law is the “Law of Attraction”, which is that Mind is creative, and  will automatically correlate with its object and bring it into manifestation.”

On initial reading the “Law of Attraction” seems to be a version of the correlationist fallacy, as it seems to advocate the belief in human exceptionality. Kant is the prime proponent or perpetrator of this fallacy as he held that things needed thought in order to be. This clearly is not so as things existed before us, as evidenced by fossils and the cosmos and things will be here after we are gone.

So the “Law of Attraction” must imply something other than correlationist thinking.  Universal Mind in the Master Key certainly mean something other than the human mind or  the subconscious human mind.But what is Universal Mind and  does it exist?

So I ask the question, why is there anything at all rather than nothing? I ask, does the “Law of Attraction”, precede anything at all?  Is what Heidegger calls Being with a capital B (the giver of being to beings) the same as “The Law of Attraction”? Even Heidegger commits the correlationist fallacy when he speaks of tha language of Being in a way that suggests that Being needs language to be.

Perhaps another way of speaking of the “Law of Attraction” prior to anything at all is in terms of the theory of zero point energy. Some Physicists/Cosmologists argue that the zero point energy fields preceded the black hole which pre-existed the Big Bang.  So does the “Law of Attraction” imply that Intelligence or Universal Mind is the zero energy field that precedes physical manifestation? If so why does it think things into being?

These are some of the questions Part 2 paragraph 26 raises for me.