Monthly Archives: September 2014

Week One

I am experiencing my resistance to opening the door to the world within.  The light I’m glimpsing from the crack under the door is already blindingly bright. I realize I had always thought that consciousness was the world within.  Reading part one of the Master Key is showing me that I was wrong.  Consciousness is only the reflection of the outer world.  It’s really a copy of a copy.

Hey, this is beginning to sound like Plato’s cave allegory. Plato and Socrates got it! The world within in Haanel’s terms is really going out of the cave in Plato’s allegory .Because we are so accustomed to the darkness of the cave the light from the inner world or source is going to be blinding when we first set foot outside the cave or open the door to the world within.

We can understand this epiphany in terms of quantum theory. Quantum tubular orchestration within the marrow of our brain neurons is tuned to cosmic quantum vibration.  Brain waves are the manifestation of our brain/mind rhythms.   These rhythms reveal our state of mind and are either healthy or impaired. The brain/mind can alter its rhythms and improve its mental state if allowed to bypass conscious interference which only re-creates the brains imbalance. Could it be that the Master Key System and The Master Key Master Mind Alliance  fosters what Zen masters take a lifetime to achieve, that is, by following this system and being in harmony with the alliance we will connect our brain/ mind to cosmic consciousness and attain a state of harmony and bliss.